What Solo Harness users really think
"I was interested in the Solo Harness because I was unable to go anywhere without assistance. I train and compete regularly – usually making approximately 8 journeys every month, and needed assistance from a competent person every time out – my preferred time for lessons is 8.30 in the morning, this means leaving the yard at 7.30 – you start running out of friends and favours in the end!!!"
"My horse is a 5yo warmblood mare, 16hh. She is currently competing at dressage and show jumping, has done some XC training, the hope is to event her. I have owned her since she was a yearling. I have been loading since she was around 1½, and although much time, effort and training was put in to making it a simple process, she has always been very opinionated and has always required 2 bodies. She would either spin around before loading, pulling you off your feet, or part load and then reverse out at speed – usually when you had just ducked under the breast bar at the front. To exacerbate the loading problem, I have joint problems, and am very often functioning with seriously impaired grip and strength."
"I can’t begin to tell you the freedom that I have being able to transport my horse on my own. Last summer, I had even thought about employing someone for the day to come with me to a show... I had called in so many favours of help, that I am very glad that I am an independent traveller now."
"Betsy is 15.3hh warmblood mare who is an ex Grade C Show Jumper, now used for dressage due to arthritic hocks. She has only had three owners including her breeder. I’ve had her for 5 years and she has never had any issues with the lorry until recently. She has had a scare previously in a trailer a few years ago but has been travelling in the lorry fine. A few weeks ago, she suddenly refused to get into the lorry, and only loaded with the help of two capable (and strong) helpers. She started to be awkward again on the way home from the show, and another harness test-pilot gave me a shot of the prototype harness because I was obviously having problems. It worked amazingly and I had to have one!!"
"The harness is great, and so far seems to be a huge success with my boy."
"Its like having three extra people helping you!"
Monty was a 15.2hh TB cross who Alison had owned for a year. She had decided after one scare too many that he wasn’t the horse for her and was trying to load him to take him to the yard that he would be sold on from. She’d been trying to load him for three hours before I got there and was pretty much at her wits end. Her husband had retired to the house with the kids so they wouldn’t see their mother’s degeneration into a tearful, swearing wreck.
Alison had already tried the usual lunge lines attached to the back of the trailer and Monty had flipped at that, so when I put the harness on and he calmly walked into the trailer in response to it, even I was amazed.
"My new horse Lowri (15.3hh Welsh D mare, 12 years old) came to me as a bit of a problem loader. If I had a helper with a lunge line she would generally go on after a couple of minutes, but the problems came when I was on my own, and needing to get somewhere. It has been known for me to be stuck in the woods for up to an hour on my own trying to get her home! Prior to having the harness, loading involved a complicated arrangement of buckets of feed which were intended to keep her occupied while I quickly dashed round the back to put the breech bar up!!! "
"I used the harness when was on my way to a clinic run by the riding club and was running late because of work! I always try and allow about 20 mins to load her as I can never tell how long its going to take, but on this occasion I only had about 5 mins! I put the harness on, and she wasn’t even remotely bothered by it. I lunge her in a pessoa regularly so she is used to the sensation of something round the back of her so that was fine. She hesitated briefly at the bottom of the ramp, but I put a bit of pressure on the harness and then she went straight in!!! So was very pleased! Many thanks! "