Solo Harness is a training and safety aid for use primarily when loading horses into transport vehicles.  The Harness allows a single handler to apply pressure to the rear of the horse and therefore encourage it to step forward, while at all times remaining at the horses head.  This eliminates the need for anyone to be in the area behind the horse.  When loading into a trailer, the Harness can be clipped to the breast bar and so give the horse the feeling of pressure on it’s rear should it try to step backwards.  This allows the handler to safely move to the back of the trailer to secure the breech bar without fear of the horse exiting backwards.   The Harness has a breaking strain of around 130kg and so if the horse panics, the Harness will break and release the animal.

Please remember that the Solo Harness is not designed to be a solution to loading problems.  It is very much a training and safety aid and cannot replace the time, patience and skill that are needed to successfully train or retrain a horse to load.  For some horses, the Harness will instantly resolve loading issues, however these are usually horses for whom there is no current underlying problem.  When a horse is difficult to load, it is important to assess the situation as a whole – the relationship between horse and handler, the suitability of the transport vehicle and the skill of the driver.  If any part of the loading and travelling experience is distressing to the horse, it is likely that loading problems will persist.  Only once underlying problems have been addressed will the Solo Harness be of use to rehabilitate a horse for whom loading has become associated with fear.

For further advice on loading in general, visit the Links page.